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What are the benefits of registering on ViewFines?

This is a free service to the public which allows any person to participate. The website provides secured access to all outstanding offences issued by the listed Municipalities which were registered against your ID number.

The registration provides you absolute security, and access is only allowed by ID and your personal password. No other member of the public can access your outstanding offence information.

Attached to the registration is your email address and mobile telephone number, which allows the system to communicate new offences registered in the system, representation results, payments received, case withdrawals, reminders of court dates and warrants of arrest notification to you.

With the implementation of the new AARTO act, it becomes increasingly important to manage outstanding fines against your name to prevent the suspension of your drivers license.

Information is provided as to where a fine can be paid conveniently, or a call centre number is provided to obtain more detail regarding the committed offence.

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